If I look cold and miserable on the way to EBC, it’s just because I am a little bit.

Welcome! I’m Kamille, a Northern California native who enjoys long walks across vast terrains, graham crackers and apple sauce, and most of all, that new shoe smell.

I created this blog to share some good travel stories, and to offer what tips I may to the brave souls who know that even if you don’t have a partner or a plan, whether at home or abroad, you can always take a roam alone.

Here you’ll find everything I know about the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit, as well as tips on getting there. Learn about my favorite accommodations and restaurants; the best and worst airports for overnight layovers; efficient packing solutions: ways to save space, time and money; how not to get eaten by Yetis, and other random, priceless tips for the random, priceless traveler.