Accommodations: Indonesia

Here are some of the cool accommodations I stayed in in Indonesia–from Jakarta to Bali.

Java, Jakarta

Capsule Hotel
People don’t often stay long in Jakarta, as there’s not much to do as a tourist, but if you find a nice place to stay, it can make your trip a lot better. This place is air conditioned and clean (with the exception of slightly smelly bathrooms), with very comfortable capsule beds. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful.


Sae Sae Hostel

Another cool, clean place with great bathrooms, a fridge to store your food in, free coffee and tea, and a very friendly and helpful staff. I wish I would have stayed in this hostel and this city longer, but sadly I only took it as a stop along the way to Mt. Bromo. I’ll be staying in Sae Sae again next time though!

Bali, Seminyak

Karisa Pods
A nice, clean hostel about a five minute walk from Seminyak Beach. There are screens at the ends of all the “pods” for added privacy. There’s a pool, nice staff, and pretty hilariously detailed signs posted all over telling you the hostels do’s and don’t’s.


Puji Hostel
A friend of mine recommended this place and I was not disappointed. It’s a huge hostel with a few different buildings, so there are a lot of chances to meet people in the common area. The rooms are air conditioned and clean and there’s a pool. The hostel also offers some excursions for better prices than you may find any where else.

Lagas Hostel
This place is a little cheaper than Puji and in a little ways outside of the main area. It’s a 15-20 minute walk from the Monkey Forest, where I would usually plan my meetings with new friends. I liked it a lot because it was a three minute walk from my yoga studio in Ubud. Again, the staff here is very friendly and there is a nice, chill vibe you get from this place. The pool is the best I’ve ever seen at a hostel, and the food they make at the restaurant is pretty bomb. The fried tofu and banana pancake, mmmm.


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