Food: Indonesia

The food in Indonesia was some of my favorite. The local food was pretty simple but very flavorful, and so cheap (less than a dollar for a serious meal). These cafes are a bit like buffets. They stack plates of food on top of one another in the window, they give you a plate of rice and you point out what you want.

I always went with jack fruit, greens, eggplant and an omlet or potatoes. They also have a ton of fish and other meat options for the non-veg folks. The food can be cold by the time they serve it to you, because it’s usually been sitting out for quite a while, but I never got sick! Come to think of it, you might want to stick with veg if you exercise this dining option. But if you don’t need your food piping hot when it hits your table, this is a really great local option to try out, and the best value for your cash if you’re on a serious budget.

I don’t think you can really go wrong with the restaurants in Bali, but there were a couple in Ubud that I particularly enjoyed:

Juice Ja
I went to this place a few times to eat and drink and do some writing. It’s got a really great atmosphere and it’s a nice place to chill out for an afternoon. Plus the food is absolutely amazing. I was a sucker for the mung bean burger and got it all three times I went. They also have a mango-mulberry crisp that nearly made me cry it was so good. You can also build your own juice from a list of fruits and veggies. Very nice, potentially healthy option.

Taco Casa
I had had a longtime craving for Mexican food before I went to this place, and I was absolutely not disappointed. I had a mini-crisis while deciding on my order because they have pictures of all the mouthwatering food on the menu, but got the veg enchiladas, and they were giant and delicious. Decent prices too!


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