Bikram in Bali

I had a really great Bikram Yoga experience in Ubud. At Ubud Yoga Center, the classroom hangs out over the jungle and floor to ceiling windows make up the walls. It is truly the coolest studio I’ve been to; some extra energy seemed to emit through the glass from the jungle. We watched the rainfall and heard a river rushing underneath us, and we got to check out the full moon hanging over us during one class. If you’re into hot yoga or hot pilates, this is a studio worth checking out.


K is for Kamille Kicks into a standing bow at a random hotel in Sacramento.

If hot isn’t your thing, the more popular option in Ubud is The Yoga Barn, which offers a wider variety of classes, yoga and others.

In Seminyak, I tried out Jiwa for their three-for-two day class pass special. It certainly couldn’t hold a candle to Ubud’s yoga center; instead of rushing waters below, you heard construction. It’s a small studio, and I took a class with just one other person one day, which was pretty awkward. But if you’re in need of some Bikram in Seminyak, this place will do the trick.


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