Seven Hours in Copenhagen

It was 4am, 40 degrees and sunny when we arrived in Copenhagen. Ok, it was 1pm in Denmark, but in my body and mind, it was 4am and I had slept all of 10 minutes during our 10 hour plane ride from Oakland.

As tired as we were, the last thing we wanted to do after sitting on a plane all night was to sit in the airport for half a day until our next flight to Barcelona. 

And so began our seven hours in Copenhagen.

We took the metro just outside the airport to the city center. I had taken some Danish Kroner from the ATM, but it proved unnecessary because even the metro ticket dispenser takes credit cards. 

We got off at Kongens Nytorv (I cannot say those words out loud) and dug through our bags for some extra clothes to combat the icy wind. 

I was disappointed because there was so much construction. 

Copenhagen is not very beautiful, I thought. Take me back to the airport to sleep on a floor, I thought. 

But things got better.

We found a cafe called Royal Smushi. It had an Alice in Wonderland feel–dolls hanging on the soft pink walls, glass display cases with knitted socks and books and more dolls inside, giant candleholders on the tables and glass chandeliers hung from the ceiling. James Brown played through the speakers.

It wasn’t until we got the bill and I let google do some converting that I realized how expensive Denmark is. Our Caesar salads came out to $20 each. Oops.

We just about licked our plates at that point, and got some more hot water for our $5 teas. 

After our $50 lunch, we went to King’s Garden (Kongens Have) home of the Rosenberg Castle:

Just accross the road there’s another park and a Botanical Garden.

We almost walked around the lake just beside the gardens, but I opted to take a nap on a bench instead. Wonderful decision. 

All in all, my seven hours in Copenhagen were beautiful, expensive, full of bikes, and very chilly. Happy Easter. 


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