I guess this is how it ends. They’ll probably have to amputate. No more walking for me. Goodbye left leg, thanks for all the good times. You were never quite as coordinated as the other one, but you did your part–

My brain goes to a dark place when it registers unfamiliar pain.

Today it was shin splints. The little pain grew and grew until mile eight, when it began to feel like the tiny man in my shin was cutting his way out with a jagged knife (he typically asks to be let out and we have no problems).

Only ten more, I said to myself. But throwing an “only” before the miles ahead of us didn’t work today. I couldn’t walk 10 more miles. 

Walking 18 miles with sharp pains in my leg is not smart. I am not a smart person. Why is this happening? Why am i doing this? Goodbye leg, thanks for the–

Dark brain again.

On top of the pain, the weather was hard to deal with; like a cat that scratched you and peed on all your things ten minutes ago, and is now purring in your lap. It rained on and off all day, and the winds at times were strong enough to knock us over; we had to stop to brace ourselves against it. Then the sun would come out and make everything sparkle, and the birds sang as if there was no such thing as rain or 40 mile an hour winds.

Strange day.

But don’t worry about me, I still have my two legs, and I was lucky enough to find a third just laying there on the side of the road. It’s the best walking stick a pilgrim could ask for, just when my dark brain began instructing me to dig myself a shallow grave within the lush green grass beside me.

As soon as I figured out the proper way to use leg no.3, the pain stopped…and it was as if there was no such thing as pain at all.

Yeah right. It’s still painful to put much weight on my left leg, but that would have been a cute way to wrap things up.

At least now I have an appreciation for Akash walking all these miles everyday with her bad ankle, and without even a third leg to stand on. I don’t know how she does it.


Day 13: What Doesn’t Kill

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