How To Trek to Everest Base Camp Solo


There it is. The highest mountain on the planet. At its peak: eight thousand eight hundred forty-eight meters high; twenty-nine thousand twenty-nine feet. If you’re like me, climbing all the way up there is a wild idea (not to mention wildly expensive!), BUT it doesn’t take much cash nor preparation to trek to this storied mountain’s base. Here are some tips to avoid some mistakes we made while trekking to Everest Base Camp without a guide or porter. Continue reading


Kirill’s Himalayan Yeti


One night, during our trek to Everest Base Camp, we stayed in a guesthouse which had security bars on the windows and doors. Kio was convinced the bars were a precaution against the Yetis that were undoubtedly living undetected in the mountains. He drew this picture and told me the story of the Dyatlov Expedition, and after hearing that, I made him walk me down the dark hallway to the bathroom.

In the morning, we showed the owners of the hostel this drawing and asked about the bars on the windows. They didn’t believe in Yetis and said the bars were there to keep out robbers. Kio didn’t believe them.

The mystery of the Yeti remains.

Journals from Jiri II


Kio takes the baby goat in his lap as it kicks and screams in protest.

Day Four.
We keep saying that we’re going to start early.
Tomorrow, we wake up at six, we say.
But we just wake up later and later, and don’t bother with alarms. This morning we woke just before nine and started walking at ten.
It was all downhill for the first three hours, and then I couldn’t decide whether I hated more to walk uphill or down. I hurt my knee two days ago when I misstepped on the way down a steep hill, and now there’s a sharp pain that comes and goes. I wrapped Kio’s bandage around it today, which seemed to help a little. Continue reading