Places and Things: Thailand

Thailand looks like a small country on the map, but there are SO many cool cities to visit. Over the course of three trips, I’ve spent a total of about three months in Thailand so far and I still haven’t visited half the places I want to see. Here’s a list of my favorite of the few places I have gotten to visit: Continue reading


Accommodations: Thailand

Usually you won’t have a problem dropping into a city and finding accommodations on the spot. But sometimes it’s nice to plan a place to stay and eliminate any potential stressful situations. Of course a hostel booking website is the best place to go to check out all your options and seal a bed for yourself, but I also have here a short list of some of my favorite places to stay in Thailand. Continue reading

Letters Home: Koh Tao (the End)

“Do-you-want-to-come-fishing,” the boy’s father said slowly to him as he adjusted his fishing line on the deck of his bungalow.

“Do-you-want-to-come-fishing,” the boy repeated from inside. “Do you want to come fishing,” he said it to himself again and again as he walked through and out of the bungalow and headed down toward the reception area.

He wore a pair of royal blue swim shorts. His pale skin shined with the mosquito repellant his mother had applied. Continue reading

Letters Home: Pai

I’m sitting in an air conditioned van between a fairly new friend and a Thai woman I don’t know. I hate sitting in the middle. The woman is on my left and my left arm is consciously trying to avoid making contact with her baby blue sweatshirt.

My neck is sore from the hard beds in these hostels, or maybe it’s from falling off of that bike yesterday. The last few days have been a little rough. It started with a tour I went on Monday. It was supposed to be three days and two nights of hiking, rafting, swimming and sleeping in one of the mountain villages. Oh, and then visiting an “elephant farm” to ride an elephant. That’s where the trouble began. The following includes a fairly disturbing account of what i saw there: Continue reading

Letters Home: Chiang Rai

photo-4I stayed in a hostel called Bodega Bangkok for the last two nights. It’s sort of a youth hostel that’s owned by three American brothers. It was nice and clean and I got to meet some cool travelers. Cat was the first, an actor from Australia who was my roommate for the first night. It was also her first and last night in Bangkok as she wrapped up a 3 and a half week trip through Thailand.We went looking for dinner and ended up sitting down at a place that served pork exclusively, each of us not knowing that the other was vegetarian, and promptly apologized and left. Continue reading