Avoid ATM Fees

I don’t want to know how much pad thai I could have bought with all the money I lost to fees from cash withdrawals from foreign ATMs. Three dollars here, five dollars there, it adds up fast. On advice from a fellow traveler, I opened a checking account with Charles Schwab, which reimburses you for foreign transaction fees. Here’s an article on some other banks that can help you skirt the FTFs and save your precious cash.



I get anxious over the thought of a long flight with a bad airline. I’m talking 10+ hours in a middle seat with the chair in front of you reclined onto your legs as you try to avoid touching that unidentifiable thing on the back of your tray table. Meanwhile the flight attendants are all ignoring your repeated requests for a blanket to counter the icy cold air blowing down through the vents that won’t close.
So…I’ve begun taking better notice of my airlines and how awesome they may or may not be. Here’s what I know so far: Continue reading